Stumps Away

Tree Stump Removal in Kent, Sussex, Surrey, London, Essex & Hampshire

Tel: 07789 791334

Stumps Away - Stump Grinding and Root Removal in the South East of England.

Stumpsaway is a specialist tree stump removal service for both residential and commercial customers.

We use the best stump grinding and root removal equipment, enabling us to provide a fast and efficient service.

Reduces cost and is usually cheaper than hiring stump grinders from hire shops

Very narrow access, "zero" ground pressure stump cutter for terraces, river banks etc

Deep cuts possible for tree stumps and tree roots in trenches

Larger more powerful stump grinding machines for any sized job

Immediate estimate by phone or online

We cover the Kent, Sussex, Surrey, Essex and South London areas, although may travel further on request: see a more detailed list of locations that we cover.